Trevor got his first Elvis records (GI Blues and King Creole) when he was 10 years old, he has been an Elvis fan ever since,  collecting records and memorabilia.  He has visited Gracelands, Memphis and it is an experience for anyone, not just Elvis fans.

He would like  be know as a tribute artist rather than an impersonator, however his voice has been affected by listening and singing Elvis's songs.  Trevor is passionate about his music makes sure your experience of his show is a fun packed evening.  It has some little added extra magic audience participation for all to enjoy!

The costumes worn are made in the USA to the higest quality and are endorsed by Elvis's original clothiers.  These costumes add to the visual effect and enhance your enjoyment of listening to a true Elvis fan singing some Elvis Presley's best songs.

No one can compare to the King himself but he hopes you enjoy the songs he chooses for your enjoyment!

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