Shenton Dixon

Shenton was featured in the original Tamla Motwon Musical 'Dancing in the Streets' playing beside the late great Edwin Starr. He headlined the show on several occasiona and was critically acclaimed with outstanding reviews. He is an accomplished piano player and guitaritst and has been the musical director for several gospel choirs.  He has a voice like velvet and is mulit talented.

I just called, Isn't she lovely, for once in my life, My Cheire Aour, Uptight, Sir Duke, and many many more.  Shenton's portrayal of Stevie Wonder is simply sensational.  The show is jam packed with classic Motown.  His charasmatic personality and incredible vocal ability sails through the show hit after hit for a wonderful evening that will leave you saying   'ISN'T HE LOVELY'.

Any of the characters he performs Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Louis Armstrong and the Big man himself Barry White can be placed into a show to suit your requirements to backing tracks or a live band.